Deciphering Ancient Arabian Rock Art

Tuesday, July 22
7:30 pm
Free State Brewing Company, 636 Massachusetts St.

Saudi Arabia is still largely terra incognita, but its most remote reaches are home to some of the best rock art on the planet. Recent research by a team of scientists and a world-class photographer has unlocked many of the mysteries contained within the ancient carvings. Dramatic scenes of hunters and their packs of dogs dispatching extinct wild bulls and other large game bring long-past events to life in amazing detail. For this Science on Tap, Sandra Olsen, archaeology curator and KU professor of museum studies, will share her exciting adventures and important insights about Arabias deep cultural history. Professor Olsen's research underlies the exhibit Roads to Arabia, featured at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in spring 2014.

Science on Tap takes place at Free State Brewing Co., 636 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, KS. No reservations; we recommend that attendees arrive early for a table.

hunter and sheep

rock art